HTML5 is the future of online gaming. As the demand for cross-platform games rises, Spinomenal has stepped up to the challenge and created some of the most innovative games the market has to offer. The team is a fearless, trail-blazing collective of gaming professionals, bursting with concepts and ideas aimed at entertaining all users. The company focus looks at distributing cross-platform games for world-wide consumption. The overall goal is to deliver the friendliest, most reliable and most engaging user experience to all users.

Lior Shvartz
Co-Founder and CEO

An eGaming professional with experience across the full marketing spectrum. He is well versed in managing complex projects in a highly structured and / or distributed environment.

Omer Henya
Co Founder and CTO

After a career as a coach for martial arts, Omer decided to pursue his second love in his life- development. Omer has experience  integrating with robust systems within companies and building complex back-end systems. He has taken his talents to create cross-platform HTML5 games. Omer has built the first ever HTML5 cross-platform Facebook application.

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Jeeng is a platform that allows users to track any type of content that interests them. Publishers can use Jeeng’s free widget or API to provide their readers with a content tracking service to discover new content or events.

Shlomi Haybi

Shlomi has 16 years experience as an entrepreneur & SEO specialist. In 2002 he established Niro’x Ltd , one of the first & biggest online marketing agencies in Israel. In 2007 he founded ExactFactor Ltd that developed an automated SEO technology that aimed to change the way businesses rank their site on Google. In 2014 he co-founded Articoloo Ltd  that developed a disruptive technology that creates unique, quality and readable content from scratch. Shlomi is an expert in online marketing and product design & hold a B.Sc. in economics.

Roma Bronstein

A unit 8200 alumnus and a Technion B.Sc. graduate in Electrical Engineering.  Has an extensive R&D experience in high scale, real time software architecture, big data and Cyber. During his career as a tech professional held various positions from ‘hands-on’ R&D to large scale multidisciplinary project management.

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Apprival provides a market intelligence platform for mobile apps that helps app developers beat their competitors by exposing their weaknesses and strengths. We show a wider view on the entire apps market by providing usage data for any app in the market.

In addition, we provide a robust dashboard that allows ‘app developers’ to see a 360 degrees view on their users and see how their app stacks up against the other apps on their users’ phones, as well as a fully automated, set-and-forget, perfectly timed push notification platform.

Niv Abramovich
Co-founder and CEO

More than 10 years of experience in key management  and operational roles in varies  online operations. Founder of FXMarkets (South-African Brokerage) and Partner at Heyku (Social network). Holds an MBA in international business from College of Management  and a B.A in economics from Bar-Ilan university.

Tal Grynbaum
Co-founder and CTO

Tal served in various high profile positions during his career, beginning with the MAMRAM, IDF computer unit,  through a startup acquisition by Sun Microsystems, Chief Architect in Jacada. At 2007 join Teddy Sagi’s group as Chief Architect and CTO for various companies in the group.

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You no longer have to go from site to site looking for the product you want. With Chipi, all your favorite products from all your favorite online retailers are available in one place. With some e-commerce websites it takes hours to find the product you want and then when you finally find it you’re met with an unnecessarily long and complicated checkout process. With Chipi it’s super easy to find the product you want and it’s super easy to checkout. From language to design and even to the products themselves, every Chipi website is localized to match it’s local customer base. Chipi even offers a real-time customer service chat box on it’s website to assist customers with all their shopping needs.

Yossi Tohar Yahid
Co-Founder and CEO

Yossi Graduated from UCLA with a B.Sc degree in software engineering. After graduating he founded and then successfully exited from his first internet business. Yossi has now set his eyes on revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. His vision is to have localized Chipi websites all around the globe, thereby making Chipi a household name synonymous with online shopping.

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Smartlation is an online platform that easy connects people who need a professional translation to professional translators from around the world. Users specify their preferences, such as pricing, quality, availability, area of expertise (legal, medical translations etc.) and other objective parameters and the system, using a revolutionary, cutting edge algorithm, provides an immediate comparison between the most fitting service providers and their quotes for a final cost.

Ori Levin
Co-founder and CEO

Ori has over 13 years of product management and marketing experience. Previously, he co-founded WishMash and Pause, a consumer SU. In addition, he served as Impactia’s VP of Product and Marketing. Ori holds an MBA IDC Israel and has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineer.

Gil Tamir
Founder and COO

Gil holds a degree in Economics & Business Administration from Haifa University. Mr. Tamir has many years of experience in translation services and he is the Founder & COO of a well established, successful bricks-and-mortar translation company. Prior to that he managed many well-known companies, was an economist, marketing manager, and was in charge of strategy and market development. Mr. Tamir initiated and developed the underlying algorithm of Smartlation site based on his experience in the translation services world.

Ilan Megrich

Ilan has loved programming since age 6. He is an honorary graduate of Computer Engineering studies at the prestigious Technion in Israel. He has 8 years of extensive experience in building customized internet platforms. Ilan worked at a leading GPS tracking systems company integrating tracking hardware to an innovate internet application. He build the architecture and participated in the design, testing and deployment of Smartlation. He is a proven project manager and leader, able to incorporate user needs into cost-effective, secure and user-friendly solutions.

Ivan Vanney
IT Manager

Ivan studied Networking & Security under Linux. He has 13 years of experience working  as an IT assistant for the Director of the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences at Haifa University and Uruguay’s Court of Auditors.  In 2012, Ivan started working as Project Manager  for IGMI Ltd. where integrated Smartlation team since it’s foundation as IT Manager helping in it’s development and maintenance.

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Cleverix is a consulting and advertising agency offering services such as lead generation, project management, and marketing consulting. Cleverix provides a one-stop-shop experience with an all-encompassing approach to ensure that all areas of a company are in sync and its needs are being address in a timely fashion.

Guy Zinger
Founder and CEO

Guy has amassed years of experience working in  the online sales industry, Lead Generation and online digital Marketing for years. He has created Clever-ix in order to help online digital companies structure their UX and marketing results

Jonathan Gazala
Partner and COO

Jonathan brings years of experience in Management and Staff Training, Project Management and implementation. He was the National Product Manager at Wall Street English Israel. In addition he has worked for various International companies and is extremely knowledgeable in building efficient and effective processes in sales and operations.

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Watch-4-U Store   Watch-4-U Website

AS Internet Ltd. is an e-commerce company with a remarkable stock of pre-owned and new high-end watch brands including Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Cartier, Zenith, Audemars Piguet and many more. AS Internet had been a member of the WTA (Watch Trade Association) since 2014. Today, AS internet has the ability to list in eBay more than $1,400,000 worth of products  as well as the ability to penetrate more luxury goods verticals with no selling limits.

Dor Ganor

Dor is a Hebrew University graduate with an LLB in Law and a B.A. in Economics. He has vast experience in execution, specializing in E-Commerce, Real Estate, and Business Development. His extensive knowledge of finance, marketing, and business strategy, combined with his positive energy and “get done” approach, makes him an invaluable asset.


Premium PC Tech is one of the nation’s leading providers of on-demand computer repair and information technology services. From virus removal on a consumer PC to a complex nationwide office conversion of PBX to VoIP, Premium PC Tech has the experience and network of technicians to support any size project. We offer over 100 highly trained and qualified technicians nationwide for remote services, enabling us to offer worldwide service to corporate clients and local service for small businesses and consumers. The combined service offering of both companies has led to an impressive client list of private and publicly-traded companies, colleges and universities, state, local and federal government entities and thousands of consumers.


Flybrain is an online Cognitive Training Service which integrates originally developed adaptable brain games with constant user performance analysis coupled with practical didactic tools suited for daily common tasks. Flybrain’s Training Method is based on now grounded theories in cognitive psychology and Brain Plasticity, conjoined with extensive experience in the field. Studies show an enhancement in skills performance when using brain optimization software. It’s a program well-suited to both people fighting deficiencies (Memory loss, ADHD, rehabilitation) and people who want to excel and take their skills to the next level.

Tom Barkan Benkler
Co Founder

Tom started his career as a Developer and Information specialist in the IDF Military Technology Unit. As an already experienced developer, Tom Flew out to Silicon Valley in Mountain View, California to join Gigya as a Client Services & Implementation Engineer. He then moved on and became CTO & Co – Founder of “Guester Technologies”, a revolutionary night-life management software which won them an “Entrepreneurs of the year” award in 2014. Tom has transported his broad range of skills and experience to co found and lead Flybrain’s  development while it experiences a period of rapid growth.

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Online Media Toolbox:

Online Media Toolbox is the next-generation easy-to-use, all-in-one online portal gathering all of our tools and software into one place. We combine our unique, high value “premium standard” subscription services with an intuitive “e-commerce” style interface. This allows our users to browse through the various tools in the same way they’d shop in a convenient store. Online Media Toolbox promotes featured tools and software, and provides a safe and secure purchase and downloading environment.

Online Media Toolbox simplifies software download for users all over the world offering the best and most up-to-date software. Online Media Toolbox offers an incomparable software download experience with high-quality service (QoS) and features like HD, Dolby Digital Sound and offline usage. Online Media Toolbox is powered by Online Media Toolbox.


VPNgeist is a VPN-based startup that provides re-routed Internet access throughout the world, in a simple, fast and secured solution across all of your devices.

The company’s software allows users to bypass geo and commercial restrictions and access blocked content, videos, music and websites from all over the world. All of that while allowing users keep their personal information safe and encrypted for secure anonymous browsing.

Raanan Steinberg
Co-Founder and CEO

Raanan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technion and a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University. Raanan is an experienced business development professional, with extensive knowledge of new technologies and proven ability to drive business expansion through sales initiatives that deliver revenue growth and market penetration.

Dan Almog
Co-Founder and Chief Developer

Dan holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Having written his first piece of code at the age of nine, Dan brings hands on experience in many fields of the web development world.

Dowload VPN Geist presentation below:


LocalYoo is a global platform for customized activities. We believe that people all over the world enjoy life similarly. Whether it be our daily routines, we like to do the comparable things, eat similar food and spend our time with the people we care about. What we find fascinating is to see how local people live their lives. Our mission at LocalYoo is to enable everyone to enjoy unique memories through personal connections and mutual experiences. All activities are created by local people with a real fervor for their occupation.

Giora Bar-Sakai
Co Founder

9 years of experience in building new companies and transforming innovative ideas into commercial reality. Extensive experience in Business Development, Marketing, Travel Industry and Customer Service.

Oded Nevo
 Co Founder

10 years of experience in building innovative consumer facing products for mobile and web, both as a product leader and as a technical leader. Deep knowledge of Product Development, Marketing and Business Development, worked at leadin+g companies such as Conduit Mobile (Como) & Intel.


Actifile is a revolutionary, new software that helps companies automate endpoint data protection, back-up critical data, and monitor employee productivity in real time. This is the only software that along with providing full cloud storage, allows companies to see up-to-the minute employee activity and have immediate, full access to employee documents helping organizations attain full protection and transparency. Actifile also has a patented filtering system allowing stored files to be easily retrieved.

Simon Chulsky
Founder and CEO

Before founding Actifile, Simon spent 15 years working in the Israeli high tech industry. Simon’s career began at Gilat Communications where he spent one year as a software developer. From there, he spent his next three years working at UGO where he rose from R & D team leader to becoming the Chief Technology Officer and R & D Manager for the entire company. Simon then co-founded and worked as Chief Technology Officer at KCS for eight years before their acquisition by Malam Team, the biggest IT integration company in Israel. For the next three years, Simon served as Chief Operating Officer before leaving the company to start Actifile.

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Mindri is the only program that really helps optimize your brain. It is done through effective cognitive training which includes a revolutionary program that tracks your time, movements and actions as if you were training in a science lab and provides accurate and personalized feedback to the user. It’s also the only program that integrates online fun software with a brain optimizing expert trainer who follows your progress and provides guidance and tools on how to implement your skills in real-life situations. It’s a program well-suited to both people fighting deficiencies (Memory loss, ADHD, rehabilitation) and people who want to excel and take their skills to the next level.

Shemer Arzi
Founder and CEO

Since graduating with a BA and MA in Special Education from Bar Ilan University, he has accumulated twenty years of experience working with children and adults with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders and behavioral disorders. His therapeutic approach is guiding and improving the development of cognitive skills, which are crucial to the human ability to express their abilities. His motto “of course you can!” was shaped throughout his triumphant life journey as a child and teenager who suffered from learning disabilities and ADHD but wasn’t diagnosed till his adulthood. Shemer pledged to make a change in other lives! Shemer is also a renowned lecturer on ADHD, the coping of parents of children with ADHD and related issues, difficulties and frustrations that accompany it.

Styloosh Personalized Jewelry:

Styloosh is a leading personalized jewelry provider. It offers an end-to-end, multi-platform e-commerce solution for personalized jewelry . By using mass-customization tools, each and every product is unique and produced specifically for the client. By managing all aspects of the business, from manufacturing to delivery, Styloosh is able to provide a premium product that is competitive on the world stage.