Krypton Jets to CoInvest Slovenia

Slovenia is no stranger to Krypton Venture Capital. Moshe Sarfaty made his way to Eastern Europe for the second time to partake in the CoInvest Slovenia conference. Following the country’s innovative spirit, the venue was nothing short of entrepreneurial – a gym transformed into a startup battle arena to hold hundreds of people that traveled from all over the world to tune into the newest startups and growth of more mature ventures of the area.

Mladen took control of the event, as usual, and brought tremendous value to all in attendance. There was a competition of 50 startups on Day 1 which was a nice way to ease into the conference and set the tone for the coming few days. Following, on Day 2, there was a 90 second pitch event which was a great way to get snippets of the ecosystem, while providing the opportunity for more personal one-on-one follow ups for investors.

Slovenia, not necessarily renowned for being the startup hub of Europe, proves itself time and again to be a force to be reckoned with. The quality of entrepreneurs, together with the hunger to break through geographical barriers and become global players, has Slovenia digging its heels in the startup eco system with no intention to let up. Krypton Venture Capital and its local team in Israel are looking east towards Europe for a hopeful international investment in the Slovenian startup world.