Slovenia, the BtoC Hub of Europe

On May 13th, 2015, investors and startups alike descended upon the beautiful town of Maribor, Slovenia. An unsuspecting locale to host the highest quality of entrepreneurs Europe has to offer. The Honorable Ambassador Meirom Shmuel graciously invited Krypton Venture Capital’s fund manager, Moshe Sarfaty, to participate in the PODIM Conference 2015. Understanding the value that Krypton brings to the investment table with its disruptive model, Sarfaty’s visit proved to be just as fruitful for the fund and bringing Israeli innovation to the forefront, as it was for the startups.

However, above all else, none of the conference’s success would have been possible if it was not for the hard work of Blaz Kos and his team. The two day period ran so smoothly that any hiccup behind the scenes, was not even felt in the forefront. Blaz was cordial, organized and gave all guests a feeling of high quality hospitality. He was certainly the man of the hour before and after the conference.

The halls were buzzing with excitement while lectures were being held in the different conference rooms as investors mingled with hopeful companies in the corridors. Sarfaty, setting a conference record, met with a total of 13 startups over the course of 10 hours. This speed dating round boasted companies ranging between Eurosander, GoAvio, Kendu, SmartNinja, Styliff, The Social Bet, Consensio, Ply.Jobs,,, Shoppii and TravelStarter. An overwhelming line up of quality BtoC entrepreneurs who clearly understand the value of the masses. As Krypton is known for saying, no one is smarter than all of us together – and this is exactly what this new wave of startups has proven.

ABC Acceleration is a breakout incubator that Krypton had the pleasure of getting to know, both through the startups that are enrolled in the program and on a personal level with Jakob Gajsek and Leonhard Prinz. These two young men showed that Ljubljana, Slovenia could be Krypton’s next stop for BtoC shopping. Companies such as TravelStarter, Styliff and Shoppii enjoy the acceleration services the organization offers. Needless to say, this will not be the last time ABC will be meeting with Sarfaty and the Krypton Team.

As with every conference, Krypton again was fortunate to spread its methodology to the rest of the world, while being enriched by talented, eager and promising startups.